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Emotional Wellness

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Change is inevitable. Let's embrace it together.  Whether through postpartum, seasonal depression, career changes or the like, let's find your "happy me."

Psychological Referrals

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When your worries seem bigger than life, leave it to the licensed professionals.  We can connect you to local mental health professionals, government programs, support groups, and hospitals.


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Get out.  Get involved.  Connect.  Have tea. Party. All of the social events you've been waiting for.

Spiritual Guidance

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Renewing your mind begins with renewing your spirit through yoga, meditation, chakra, health assessments, stress reducers, anxiety management and more.  


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Thank you for your service!  You've served our country well, now what? Heal from what you have experienced.  Find help with housing, employment, and support groups.


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Have questions? Ask here.